About Us!

Coco and Sno
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  • Professional Dog Groomers who are Certified and Trained by the Ontario   Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
  • Specializing in small and medium-sized dogs
  • For your convenience we have two locations:

Jarvis and Gerrard is Open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Bathurst and Finch is Open 7 days a week

By appointment only at both locations

  • Dog Sitting is available at both locations


For North York Appointments

Call Loni Fay at 416-221-9885

Call or Text  647-267-1440

Bathurst St. just North of Finch Avenue

Free Parking Available

For Downtown Appointments

Call Pam Nauri at 416-901-7909 

Call or Text at 416-566-5509

A 10- minute walk from the Toronto Eaton Centre

Free Parking Available

Email: hellodoggytoronto@gmail.com

        Website: www.hellodoggy.ca

3 thoughts on “About Us!

  1. You guys did an excellent job grooming my dog Apache! Thank you so much! He looks better than ever and is much happier now!

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